K-pop survival shows are gradually losing their appeal to the audience?

K-pop survival shows a few years ago always drew a large audience and had high ratings while recent shows do not appear to have the same attraction.

Since its launch on August 6, Mnet’s survival program “Girls Planet 999” has received a rating of less than 1%. The show’s highest viewership rating was 0.858% with the episode on September 3, but it subsequently began to drop. The latest episode, which aired on October 8, had a rating of 0.592%.

MBC’s “Wild Idol” has a similar situation. The latest episode on October 7 only achieved a rating of 0.8%. Compared to the 2.4% rating of the first episode, it can be seen that the viewership rating has dropped sharply. Many people think that the show has nothing to attract K-pop fans.

Previously, Produce 101 season 2 started with a rating of 2.1%. By episode 5, the show had surpassed the rating of 3%, and by the last episode (ie episode 11), the show had achieved ratings of up to 5.2% (part 1) and 5.7% (part 2). Meanwhile, the first episode of Produce 48 achieved a rating of 1.132%, the second episode increased to 1.913%, and the third episode earned a record rating of 1.999%.

produce 101

The current survival programs have witnessed a substantial decline in ratings when compared to prior shows, indicating that the audience is no longer interested in these kinds of programs. 

A TV station official said, “Audiences already know the performances of K-pop idol survival shows. Special shows like ‘Street Woman Fighter‘ and ‘Poongryu’ are becoming more popular.” 

street woman fighter

In short, it appears that the public has turned back on Korean survival shows following controversies involving vote rigging or poor treatment of trainees. To recover the audience’s confidence, broadcasters may need to reconsider and amend current problems in their programming.

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