K-pop girl group members shine at Cannes with luxury jewelry: Karina’s 1.6-billion-won necklace & Jennie’s 36.57-million-won rings

The luxury accessories that aespa Karina and BLACKPINK Jennie wore at Cannes red carpet events drew attention. 

The fashion of K-pop stars, such as aespa and BLACKPINK Jennie, at the Cannes Film Festival is the talk of the town.

On May 25th (local time), aespa members attended the red carpet event held before the official screening of “THE POT-AU-FEU” at the Lumiere Grand Theater of Cannes Palais des Festivals.


aespa was invited to Cannes by Chopard, the jewelry brand they have been working for as ambassadors since last year. Chopard’s co-president and art director Caroline Scheufele invited aespa and made them the first K-pop group to appear on the Cannes red carpet will full members.

On the red carpet that day, aespa members shone even brighter in their black and white outfits. In particular, Karina’s necklace was revealed to be the same one worn by pop singer Rihanna in 2014. Priced at around 1.6 billion won, this Chopard product was made with 123 carats of rubellite and 65 carats of diamonds. The necklace became a hot topic as it is known to be the highest-priced sponsorship of accessories for a Korean idol group.


Meanwhile, BLACKPINK Jennie, known as Chanel Ambassador and nicknamed “Human Chanel”, selected a dress that was part of the Chanel 2020 Spring-Summer Haute Couture Collection for the red carpet event. The dress aroused keen attention as it was previously worn by rising teenage model Kaia Gerber, who is also the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Jennie highlighted her dress with a Chanel ribbon hairband and ribbon-strap heels. She added points to the set by wearing Chanel Coco’s Crush ring, Camelia ring, and Luban ring.


Especially, the Chanel hairband is priced at 1.17 million won and the three rings cost around 36.57 million won in total. In addition, the price of her Chanel shoes is said to be around 1 million won.

Source: Sports Chosun

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