K-netizens list out Kpop idols who are adored by their parents (ft. BTS, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, and more) 

Which members of BLACKPINK, BTS, ITZY are considered the picks of parents? 

The majority of Kpop fans are known to be teenagers and young adults. However, there are also many people in their 30s, 40s, and even older who are fans of Kpop artists. One thing that shows Kpop groups’ widespread coverage is the inclusive age range of their fandoms. Recently, Korean netizens entered a topic to discuss the idols who are their parents’ favorites: 

  • My parents really like RM. My father even wants RM to be the president of the United Nations in the future.
  • BTS’s Jimin 
  • Both of my parents like BTS’s V
  • Both my mom and dad like BTS. Whenever they see them in the news on TV, they will talk to each other about it. 
  • My mom likes Jin (BTS), while my dad doesn’t like idols. My dad only listens to Jin Sung and Turtles music.
  • My parents love all the BTS members.
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