K-drama stars that exploded with fame in 2022: Kim Se Jeong struggling in next work, what about Ahn Hyo Seop?

With a lot of K-dramas gaining huge attention this year, many K-drama stars also rose to fame. Unfortunately, not all of them have been able to maintain it. 

In 2022, a lot of K-drama actors and actresses exploded with popularity via a hit project. However, not a lot of them were able to maintain such attention, and struggle with their next work. 

The female cast of “Business Proposal”

The romcom series “Business Proposal” is perhaps one of the biggest sensation this year, with explosive popularity despite its simple plot and non-superstar cast at the time of air. However, with a great sense of comedy and outstanding chemistry between the main couple, “Business Proposal” has been a huge boost to its cast members’ fame. 

business proposal
Kim Se Jeong and Seol In Ah enjoyed a huge surge in popularity with “Business proposal” 

Right after the drama concluded, Kim Se Jeong made a comeback with “Today’s Webtoon”, where she starred alongside Nam Yoon Su and Choi Daniel. Unfortunately, the project barely received any attention, with viewership dropping to as low as 1.5%. Hopefully, Kim Se Jeong will be able to recover her winning streak with the 2nd season of “The Uncanny Counter”.

kim sejeong

Bae Sung Hyun’s later work “Gaus Electronics” did not do well rating-wisBae Sung Hyun’s later work “Gaus Electronics” did not do well rating-wise 

On the other hand, “Business Proposal” star Seol In Ah also appeared in the 2022 movie “Emergency Declaration”. However, she only played a minor role in the blockbuster, and thus did not manage to make a deep impression. In 2023, Seol In Ah will become a female lead in the romance series “Oasis”, but only time can tell if this drama will become a success. 

The high school couple in “Our Blues” 

With its outstanding cast filled with Korea’s most popular names, the omnibus series “Ours Blue” is a huge success. Nevertheless, rookie actor Bae Sung Hyun and rookie actress Roh Yoon Seo had their own moment of shine.  

In particular, the couple brought a realistic tale of unplanned pregnancy and familyhood, and showcased intricate acting chops that help them stand side by side with much more experienced cast members.  

our blue
Bae Sung Hyun’s later work “Gaus Electronics” did not do well rating-wise 

Whilst Bae Sung Hyun and Roh Yoon Seo have both taken on new projects after “Our Blues”, neither of them have seen explosive success. In particular, Bae Sung Hyun received a lot of praise for “Gaus Electronics”, but the series recorded a finale rating of 0.5%. Meanwhile, due to Roh Yoon Seo’s lack of screentime in “20th Century Girl”, she barely got to shine alongside star actress Kim Yoo Jung.  

roh yun seo 20th century girl
Roh Yoon Seo in “20th Century Girl” 

– The “fencing queen” of “Twenty Five Twenty One” 

Playing Ko Yu Rim in “Twenty Five, Twenty One”, Bona, a member of girl group WJSN (Cosmic Girls), managed to attract a lot of attention. However, after the series’ huge success, Bona has not starred in any new projects. 

In 2022, Bona was confirmed as a cast member of “Joseon Lawyer”. The drama, which follows court cases in the Joseon period, boasts an intriguing plot, where the main character grows from taking advantage of people to being the defender of justice.

Kim Tae Ri Bona
After “Twenty Five, Twenty One”, Bona will be starring in “Joseon Lawyer”

However, whether “Joseon Lawyer” will be able to gain public attention remains to be seen. Hopefully, Bona and her co-star Woo Do Hwan will be able to deliver their best chemistry and acting. 

– “Archaeopteryx CEO” Ahn Hyo Seop

Ahn Hyo Seop, who enjoyed huge popularity after “Business Proposal”, has quite many potential projects in the future. 

Ahn Hyo Seop
Ahn Hyo Seop will star in two new works after “Business Proposal”

In particular, he started filming for “A Time Called You” alongside famous actress Jeon Yeo Been right after “Business Proposal” ended, and the drama is highly-anticipated due to it being an adaptation of famous Taiwanese series “Someday or One Day”. 

Adding to this, Ahn Hyo Seop has also confirmed his appearance in the 3rd season of “Dr. Romantic”, and is expected to shine in this drama as well.. 

– “Crown Prince” Moon Sang Min

Moon Sang Min thumbnail
Moon Sang Min and Jeon Jong Seo may be starring together in “Wedding Impossible”

Moon Sang Min, who recently gained attention as the male lead of “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, will reportedly join award-winning actress Jeon Jong Seo in the drama adaptation of “Wedding Impossible”. The series will revolve around the fake marriage between wealth heir 

Goo Chan Yeol and super star actress Oh Dae Jung, who each have their own attention. In addition, the appearance of Goo Chan Yeol’s brother, Goo Jung Yeol, also turned everything upside down. 

– Jung So Min, who stunned with “Alchemy of Souls” 

Jung So Min is far from being a rookie in the acting world, and has actually debuted since as early as 2009. However, via “Alchemy of Souls”, she experienced a huge surge in popularity, especially outside of Korea.  

jung so min
“Alchemy of Souls” get Jung So Min to become an internationally-favorite actress 

At first, “Alchemy of Souls” suffered from a lot of criticisms and controversies. However, the drama later managed to swoon viewers over with its immersive world building and intriguing plot. 

Unfortunately, as the female lead of “Alchemy of Souls” season 1, Jung So Min will not be playing an active role in the drama’s 2nd season. Instead, she will be focusing on the rom-com “30 Days”, where she will star alongside Kang Ha Neul.

It is expected that the talented couple will be able to deliver a next-level chemistry that win over the hearts of audiences, and that both Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min will shine in this next project. 

jung so min kang ha neul
Jung So Min will be collaborating with Kang Ha Neul in the upcoming film “30 Days”

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