JYP and plagiarism accusations seem to go hand in hand for every new releases 

Despite being a big company, JYP Entertainment runs into a lot of copying scandals. 

JYP Entertainment has always annoyed fans for their unprofessional handlings, especially regarding plagiarism. Despite having multiple issues that fall within this realm, it seems that the  agency is once again returning to its old ways, and the below cases are prime examples: 

twice dahyun
Fans harshly criticized JYP Entertainment for repeated plagiarism allegations. 

ITZY’s Yeji – Ryujin accused of copying Red Velvet’s Irene – Seulgi 

On June 8th, ITZY’s Yeji and Ryujin were announced to be the new featured artists of Studio Choom’s MIX & MATCH. In the teaser video for their appearance, the duo performed Bebe Rexha’s “Break My Heart”. However, the styling for the two idols soon stumbled into controversies. 

itzy yeji - ryujin
Yeji and Ryujin’s styling for their appearance on Studio Choom.

In particular, many fans found similarities between Yeji & Ryujin’s concept with Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi “Monster”, and started to express their frustrations on SNS. This is not the first time JYP did “plagiarism”, these people claimed. 

seulgi - irene monster
Cuts from the MV “Monster” of Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi.

TWICE Nayeon’s solo concept photos accused of copying BLACKPINK Jennie

On the same day, copying accusations directed at TWICE Nayeon’s solo also sparked, with several netizens saying that Nayeon’s concept photos resemble some of Jennie’s shots for “SOLO”.

From the setting, background, pose, to the makeup and styling – everything reminds them of Jennie, these people said. While fans are still mostly defending Nayeon, the public is already turning curious eyes towards Nayeon’s solo debut. 

twice nayeon - im nayeon
The TWICE member’s styling…
blackpink jennie w korea
…shares certain similarities with previous photos of Jennie, people claimed. 

Dahyun and Chaeyoung’s MV directly copying BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Hanbok

Another controversy stemmed from a costume worn by TWICE Dahyun in a shared music video with her groupmate Chaeyoung. In particular, Dahyun’s modernized hanbok was an exact copy of one worn by BLACKPINK Jisoo in the past, and even the designer Kim Balko spoke up against this case of plagiarism. In the end, JYP had to issue an official apology and deleted the scene from the MV, amid heavy disdain from netizens.   

Dahyun & Chaeyoung's 'Switch To Me' video
Dahyun’s hanbok became the talk of town…
Dahyun & Chaeyoung's 'Switch To Me' video
..for plagiarizing another worn by BLACKPINK Jisoo.

Controversies surrounding NMIXX

At the time NMIXX was first introduced to the public, JYP was caught up in a series of plagiarism accusations. Netizens commented that the group’s 2 debut teasers are similar to LOONA’s MV Why Not?, PTT. In addition, the NMIXX logo was also accused of being inspired by the fandom logo of ENHYPEN (ENGENE).

loona - nmixx
Digipegi, who used to work with LOONA, insisted he didn’t work on NMIXX’s teaser
ENHYPEN - nmixx
Even the group’s logo was accused of copying ideas from other groups, making Kpop fans angry.

When the MV for “O.O” was released, many netizens accused NMIXX of plagiarising ATEEZ, in terms of concept and worldview. The overlapping images of clouds and ships made fans skeptical.

 O.O has many scenes similar to ATEEZ's MV
 O.O has many scenes similar to ATEEZ’s MV

NMIXX’s outfits were also accused of plagiarism.  Friskmegood, the designer of the corsets customized from Nike shoes, spoke out about NMIXX taking their idea. Later, the styling team of NMIXX admitted to taking inspiration from Friskmegood. However, netizens still asked JYP to give a proper explanation.

Friskmegood accused JYP of copying their design 
Friskmegood accused JYP of copying their design 
Although NMIXX’s stylists spoke up, netizens were still mad
Although NMIXX’s stylists spoke up, netizens were still mad

NMIXX’s colorful dresses also look similar to the design of the Haute Couture collection from the brand Viktor & Rolf. Kyujin’s outfit is similar to the one from the Giambattista Valli x H&M collection.

The dress Kyujin wore is similar to the design Kendall Jenner wore a few years ago. 
The dress Kyujin wore is similar to the design Kendall Jenner wore a few years ago. 
NMIXX’s colorful flowy dresses  
NMIXX came under several plagiarism suspicions 

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