Joo-won shared the story behind his nude scene in “Carter,” “Even my mom was surprised”

Actor Joo-won, who starred in Netflix’s new movie “Carter,” revealed about his revealing scene in the movie.

In an interview with Wikitree on the afternoon of August 11th, Joo-won shared how surprised his mother was about his nude action scene in the Netflix movie “Carter.”

Joo-won said, “My mother was surprised by the nude scene,” adding, “I don’t like revealing scenes, but I thought these nude scenes were quite necessary,” adding, “Carter didn’t remember anything when he first woke up. I think nakedness would have been the power to move Carter. When men take showers naked in the military, they think ‘I am a Korean soldier’. I think Carter felt the same way.”


At the beginning of the movie, Carter fights with several Yakuza in a bath with only a g-string underwear on. Regarding this scene, Joo-won said, “In fact, that scene was not originally a g-string one. The director must have had a different idea. I just wore the undies and filmed the scene first, but I was also curious about the director’s ideas. However, I did think this would have an impact,” he said.

“I’ve been working out steadily, but when I filmed ‘Carter,’ I talked a lot with the director about Carter’s body shape. Not only his body, but also his hair and tattoo, I talked a lot with the director and decided on it,” he said.

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He continued, “As a result, he said that it’d be better to have big muscles that were overwhelming even when standing naked, so I tried to bulk up. I exercised to make my body look bigger by increasing both muscle mass and fat mass.”

Regarding the part that he considers to be his strength when acting, Joo Won explained, “I like my eyes the most on my face. My eyes are different on both sides. So it’s very helpful when acting. I want to show you an unadorned side of acting that gives off a feeling of rawness. I think the feeling of rawness is my greatest strength. ‘Carter’ was an environment where raw things could be best revealed. It was a filming set where the appearance of rawness was naturally expressed since it was a continuous shooting.”

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He expressed his honest feelings about the ending of “Carter”, “There were actually several versions of the ending of ‘Carter’. One of them is the current ending. I think Carter’s ending is interesting even though it causes divided opinions among netizens. I think the drama ended in a very cool way. (laugh)”

“Carter” is a real-time action film in which Carter (Joo Won), who is put into a mysterious operation, must regain his identity and succeed in his mission within a given time. This Netflix work was created by director Jung Byung-gil, who received favorable reviews from global movie fans for “The Villainess”.

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In this film, Joo Won played the main character Carter, an ace agent who lost all his memory. “Carter” was released on Netflix on August 5th.

Source: wikitree

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