Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and her 3 pretty best friends together can create a visual girl group

Jisoo and these 3 girls can together become a girl group with a gorgeous visual combination.

It is said that pretty people often hang out with each other. Jisoo and her friends are not an exception. 3 close friends of Jisoo are currently active in the entertainment industry as a model, an idol, and an actress. Besides Jisoo, which one of these girls’ looks is your favorite?

Hong Su Zu

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Hong Su Zu is a famous Korean model thanks to her tiny face with well-defined features, which fits the Korean beauty standards. Before pursuing the acting path, Hong Su Zu used to be known for playing the female lead in the “SSFW” MV of EXO Chanyeol. Thanks to her stunning visual, whether wearing makeup or having a bare face, Hong Su Zu always shines.

hong suzu 2380723237912306283186381
hong suzu 2380723232379178361863813

She has the same makeup style as most Korean actors today by applying a natural matte foundation, soft blush and orange or nude orange lipstick shades. She also has long side bangs to emphasize an overall dreamy look. In general, Hong Su Zu gives off soft and fragile vibes like porcelain.

Bona (WJSN)

bora 28397937913

The popularity of Bona in particular and WJSN, in general, is not commensurate with the group’s talent and visuals despite debuting under the famous agency Pledis. The highlight of Bona’s face is her high nose bridge, so the female idol’s side profile is extremely spot-on. Bona’s appearance is graceful and feminine.

bona wsjn 27323719237971973979173913

While it’s not easy for most people to look good with the 7:3 parting hairstyle and low ponytail because they could look older, this hairstyle even helps Bona highlight her chic and elegant beauty. Whether she wears light or bold makeup, Bona stands out anyway. 

Yoon Soojin (Yoon Rong Rong)

yoon sojin0283909793713917391
yoon sojin 28937979713913

After debuting with the group GLAM unsuccessfully due to the scandal of harassing Leeteuk (Super Junior), Soojin temporarily withdrew from the entertainment industry and is now back, working as a photo model. Compared to the two girls above, Soojin possesses a much sharper beauty thanks to her sharp slanted eyes. Though with this feature, Soojin will pursue a “baddie” style, a bit Western, but in fact, she seems to like a more feminine and sweet style.

yoon soojin 238917836283686381313
yoon soojin 238913293793279379173

Whether attending events or in real life, Soojin is always loyal to trendy outfits such as string dresses, camisole dresses and sweet colors, and Soojin’s favorite makeup tone is definitely pink, from nude pink, coral to bordeaux are all available.  Like her close friend, Soojin stays with long, natural hair, sometimes straightening it, sometimes gently combing it, adding a little accessories to make it cute.

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