Ji Seok Jin “Why is Lee Hyo Ri still a star? She farms in the countryside, but she’s still the talk of the town”

Ji Seok Jin was envious of Lee Hyo Ri’s popularity.

On Dec 23rd, a video titled “Goodbye 2022 Seok Jin’s harmless trip with two friends” was uploaded on Ji Seok Jin‘s personal YouTube channel “Jeeseokjin World”.

ji suk jin lee hyori

In this video, Ji Seok Jin went on a trip with Kim Soo Yong and Kim Jong Min. They headed to the travel destination and talked about their recent status.

Ji Seok Jin praised Kim Jong Min’s steady popularity, “Hey, Jong Min, it has been about 20 years, right? In the entertainment industry, he’s the style that doesn’t die out.” He also mentioned celebrities born in 1979 such as Haha and Lee Hyo Ri.

ji suk jin lee hyori

At this time, Ji Seok Jin asked, “Why is Hyo Ri still a star?” Then he said with admiration, “She’s a star even when she rests. She’s a superstar. I think she’s amazing.

Ji Seok Jin also confessed that he asked for Lee Hyo Ri’s number when appearing on an entertainment program in the past, but he has not called her yet. Kim Jong Min sympathized, “She’s unapproachable, right? I’m also her friend, but I haven’t contacted her yet.

ji suk jin lee hyori

Ji Seok Jin smiled bitterly, “There are people who are born as superstars. Whatever they do, it becomes the talk of the town. Lee Hyo Ri farms in the countryside, but she’s still a superstar. In contrast, we just work hard, ride cable cars even when we’re scared of heights.

Source: Nate

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