Jessi Cancels All Music Broadcast Schedules, Starting with ‘Music Bank’

Jessi, who made her comeback, has canceled all her music broadcast schedules

Jessi was originally scheduled to appear on KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” on the 27th.

Even in the description of the “Music Bank” replay for the 27th, it still states that Jessi appeared. However, when watching the broadcast, Jessi does not make an appearance. She did not attend the morning dry rehearsal on that day, and the reason is her poor condition.


Afterward, she also did not appear on MBC’s “Show! Music Core” and SBS’s “Inkigayo.” Furthermore, music broadcasts were scheduled for this week as well, but she decided not to appear on all of them. The biggest surprise was to her fans since she couldn’t fulfill her schedule due to her poor condition on the day.

Jessi’s agency, P NATION, stated, “We are deeply sorry for the sudden news and will do our best to ensure our artist’s quick recovery.”

Jessi joined P NATION, led by Park Jae-beom, in April, and on the 25th, she released her new song, “GUM.”

Source: daum

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