Jeongyeon’s image was suddenly removed from TWICE’s album cover even though she still appeared in the MV

Jeongyeon appeared in the Doughnut MV but was completely absent from TWICE’s album cover and promotional images.

TWICE just released the single “Doughnut” on December 15. This is the 9th Japanese single in the career of the JYP girls. The single includes 2 songs Doughnut (released MV on December 3) and Wonderful Day.

A wave of outrage erupted on social media when the single was released. TWICE fans criticized JYP for excluding Jeongyeon off the “Doughnut” single’s digital album cover and promotional images.

Fans are perplexed by the fact that Jeongyeon appears in the MV and also in the thumbnail for TWICE JAPAN’s 9th single Doughnut video. However, she was “missing” from the official promotional images and the digital cover. TWICE’s lineup is nine members, but JYP seemed to eliminate Jeongyeon’s image, leading the group to appear to be working with only eight members.

twice jeongyeon
Jeongyeon still appeared in the MV
But JYP didn’t choose a photo of 9 people as a digital cover photo, but instead chose a photo of 8 members
Jeongyeon completely “disappeared” in the official promotional photos of Doughnut

According to fans, Jeongyeon was unable to participate in the Donut concept photoshoot due to medical reasons, but the firm can totally include her image into the joint shot to create a digital cover for the song. JYP previously designed a 9-frame collage for the album Taste Of Love, so fans assumed it was feasible to recreate that form for the single “Doughnut.”

Due to health reasons, Jeongyeon was not present at the concept photo shoot for TWICE’s new Japanese single 
But then she still had a private shoot. Fans think that JYP could completely choose this photo to be the cover photo of the digital single instead of choosing a picture of the 8-member lineup.
TWICE’s account only posts pictures of 8 members as if Jeongyeon wasn’t a part of the group
fan twitter
A fan shared her outrage 

Fans trended the keyword #RespectJeongYeon on Twitter and asked JYP to change Doughnut’s promotional photos. Some comments:

  • We are asking for very small things. Please respect Jeongyeon because she was a part of the project and still took part in the photo shoot for the song.
  • TWICE is 9 people, not 8. Don’t use a cover photo without her.
  • This isn’t the first time. Previously, JYP kicked her out of the merch product Kura Kura and the thumbnail image for The Feels.
  • It’s exhausting how many times we have to trend this keyword to beg JYP to stop treating Jeongyeon like this.
  • Many people will think that TWICE is only 8 people if they only look at the digital cover.
twice jeongyeon
Fans ask JYP to stop treating Jeongyeon badly
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