After much consideration, Jeon So-min uploaded a photo that surprised everyone

Actress Jeon So-min sympathized with the unexpected test results.

Jeon So-min posted a photo of her MBTI test results on her Instagram story on Jun 15th with a caption, “The real conclusion that came out after much consideration is INFP.”

jeon somin instagram

Jeon So-min’s MBTI test result in the released photo was “INFP (Passionate Mediator).”

Jeon So-min then posted a post explaining the shortcomings of INFP-type people and agreed, “That’s right, that’s right.

jeon somin instagram

Earlier, on June 8th last year, Jeon So-min said on her Instagram that her MBTI was “ENFP.” However, SBS’ “Running Man” in March drew attention as Jeon So-min’s MBTI test results showed that she was an “INFP.”

jeon somin

Jeon So-min is currently playing Ahn In-kyung, an office building’s cleaner, in the JTBC drama “Cleaning Up.”

Source: wikitree

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