Kim So-eun to appear on “Black: I Saw the Devil”… Explore the psychology of criminals

Actress Kim So-eun will appear as a guest on Channel A’s “Black: I Saw the Devil”.

Black: I Saw the Devil” is a program designed to prevent crimes that should never happen again by hearing criminals’ brazen excuses as well as seeing through the twisted psychology hidden in them. “Korea’s No.1 Profiler” Professor Kwon Il-yong, director Jang Jin and actor Choi Gwi-hwa are starring as MCs.

Kim So Eun

In the recording of “Black: I Saw the Devil” starring Kim So-eun, the story about Jang Jae-jin, the culprit of the murder of a middle-aged couple in Daegu in 2014, was mentioned. People are paying attention to Kim So-eun‘s sympathetic talk on the show.

Kim So Eun
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