Jeon So-mi got Kim Jong-kook to be her PT: “I’ve never seen such an exhausted So-mi before”

Jeon So-mi appeared on Kim Jong-kook’s YouTube and carried out a gym routine.   

Kim Jong-kook said on his YouTube channel on Oct 28th, “I went on a business trip as a PT for the first time. I have shared a life-friendly exercise solution that can save you from the excuses of having no time and place to exercise with idol singer Jeon So-mi, who brightens the future of KPOP”.

Jeon So-mi

In the video, Kim Jong-kook met Jeon So-mi and made her repeated squatting infinitely on the stairs of her agency. Jeon So-mi, who met Kim Jong-kook and smiled brightly at first, complained about Kim Jong-kook‘s exercise routine, saying, “It’s hard.” Later, she didn’t even smile, making the audience realize that she was really in an extreme situation.

Jeon So-mi

Online community theqoo netizens responded after watching the two’s exercise videos, “Somi’s soul is gradually escaping,” “I’ve never seen So-mi like that,” “Kim Jong-guk seems to have dislocated her soul,” and “I’ve never seen So-mi being exhausted before, but now I have.”

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