Jeon Seung-bin was sent to prosecution on charges of assaulting ex-wife Hong In-young… Dispute after 2 years of divorce

Actor Jeon Seung-bin was handed over to the prosecution on charges of assaulting his ex-wife Hong In-young.

According to SPOTV News on April 29th, the Gyeonggi Ilsan Dongbu Police Station recently sent Jeon Seung-bin to the Goyang Branch of the Uijeongbu District Prosecutors’ Office on charges of assault.

Jeon Seung-bin and Hong In-young got married in May 2016 and divorced in April 2020. Hong In-young filed a complaint against Jeon Seung-bin to the Gyeonggi Ilsan Dongbu Police Station only 2 years after their divorce on charges of family violence, and the police have recently handed the case over to the prosecution.

According to the complaint, Jeon Seung-bin is accused of having a small argument with Hong In-young, breaking the main room’s door, swearing, verbally abusing Hong In-young and overturning the dressing table in March 2019; strangling Hong In-young, swearing and mocking Hong In-young by imitating her in November of the same year.

Jeon Seung Bin Hong In Young

In addition, Hong In-young is said to have claimed through the complaint that Jeon Seung-bin grabbed her hair and dragged her around for 2 hours, even slapping her and hitting her head to the point of fainting. She is also known to have submitted photos of the assault situation at that time as evidence.

Hong In-young uploaded a meaningful post on her SNS after Jeon Seung-bin and Shim Eun-jin, who filmed MBC’s drama “Bad Love” together, announced their marriage in January last year. Hong In-young posted a photo capturing Jo Tae-oh (Yoo Ah-in)’s famous line “It’s ridiculous” in the movie “Veteran“. To an acquaintance’s comment “It’s ridiculous”, she replied, “You’ll gradually find out.” Regarding other acquaintances’ comments “I sincerely want to congratulate you on a new start, but there are too many things to do for that”, “Are you a novelist?”, Hong In-young replied, “I have a lot to say but I won’t say anything.”

Jeon Seung Bin Hong In Young

In other words, the background information was revealed that Hong In-young belatedly filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband Jeon Seung-bin over domestic violence and the case was forwarded to the prosecution.

Hong In-young‘s legal representative stayed quiet and told SPOTV News, “I have nothing to tell you.” Meanwhile, talking to SPOTV News, Jeon Seung-bin‘s legal representative said, “Jeon Seung-bin wasn’t even at home during the time Hong In-young claimed she was assaulted. The investigative agency will bring the truth to light in the future.”

Hong In-young and Jeon Seung-bin met on the set of KBS2’s 2009 drama “Empress Cheonchu,” tied the knot in 2016 after 7 years of dating, and divorced in April 2020. Hong In-young rose to fame thanks to a CF appearance in 2008. She has since starred in various historical dramas such as “The King of Legend” and “Dream of the Emperor,” and has not been active in the entertainment industry since KBS2’s 2015 soap opera “TV Novel: Single-minded Dandelion”, in which she acted alongside Jeon Seung-bin once again.

Jeon Seung-bin made his debut in the 2006 drama “Match Made in Heaven,” and appeared in the first two seasons of “Aeja’s Older Sister, Minja,” “Empress Cheonchu,” “The King of Legend,” “Dream of the Emperor,” “TV Novel: Single-minded Dandelion” and “Chief of Staff.” In recent years, he joined the cast of “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “Young Lady and Gentleman.”

Last year, Baby V.O.X’s Shim Eun-jin and Jeon Seung-bin registered their marriage and legally became a married couple. Their wedding has not yet been held due to the aftermath of the pandemic. 

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