BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Lisa give honest feedback: Intense assessment as the trainees gear up for the final assessments in the “Last Evaluation” series 

On March 16th, YG released the second episode of the “Last Evaluation” series to showcase the performances of BABYMONSTER as the trainees approach the final destinations of their career. 


Apart from the assessment for team A, the second episode takes a look into the training process of team B, including Haram, Asa, Chiquita and Rora. Their designated song is “Stay” by BLACKPINK. 

In this broadcast, Jennie (BLACKPINK) remains as the mentor of the team. After the performance of team B, she gives compliments to  the members but maintains a strict assessment for them. 

Specifically, Jennie said: “Since I came here to see you guys perform, did any of you think this performance was for me while performing today? Not about the singing and dancing, a lot of you were looking at the mirror during your parts. Although this room is a practice room, your performance wasn’t practice. I came to see you guys perform, not practice. If you don’t sing as if you’re really delivering it to the listener. No matter how good you are, I won’t be touched by the singing. That was something I wish was done better. If you do that in real life, the attention will turn to someone else because the performer is not giving the listener attention. You have to know this first, ‘WHO IS MY AUDIENCE?’ ‘How can I entertain them with this song?’ You really have to think about that.”


After Jennie left, Rora burst out crying, surprising her fellow members. In a follow-up interview, she explained: “I think I had a mix of emotions. I don’t know… I’m the type that keeps comparing myself to others. There was pressure because the people surrounding me were all so good. I had lost confidence because I kept comparing myself with others. I felt a lot of things after hearing those comments.”

stay baby monster

Moreover, in the teaser for the next episode, Lisa (BLACKPINK) is revealed to be a judge of the next evaluation. When she is asked to give objective feedback, the dancer only says: “What if they cry?” 

With Lisa’s appearance and a member sobbing, the next episode seems to be another intense evaluation. 

Stay tuned for the next episode of the “Last Evaluation” on Thursday for more details! 

Source: K14

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