Jannabi’s former member Yoon Kyul, who was accused of assaulting a woman who refused to answer him at a bar, was suspended from indictment

It was belatedly reported that the prosecution suspended the indictment of Jannabi’s former drummer Yoon Kyul, who was accused of assaulting a woman at a drinking party.

According to reports on May 28th, the Women’s and Children’s Crime Investigation Department of Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office (chief prosecutor Kim Won-ho) suspended Yoon Kyul’s indictment on May 11th.

A “suspension of indictment” is a term to talk about a crime that was committed but the prosecutor decides to withdraw the indictment taking into account the suspect’s age, tendency, and circumstances after the crime was committed. It is not an innocence claim since the crime has been recognized.

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Yoon was accused of assaulting a woman at the reception of an acquaintance’s wedding party in Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on November 20th last year. The victim claimed that Yoon attempted to talk to her while he was drunk. It was reported that he hit her on the back of her head several times because she refused him.

Ha Jin-kyu, a lawyer from the law firm Founders, said “If the damage is not severe (even if it was an injury), and if there was an agreement with the victim or various circumstances that can be taken into account, the prosecution might suspend the indictment.”

yoon gyeol

Immediately after the incident, Yoon’s agency released a statement, saying “We heard about the incident through Yoon”, adding, “We are also very confused because the stories we were told by the parties were different from what was reported in the news.”

Yoon also wrote on his SNS on November 27th last year, “I apologize for causing concerns to everyone because of the behavior caused by the insufficient me”, adding, “I promise to take responsibility until the end.”

Source: insight

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