Jang Won-young proves how she is born to be an idol, showing off her visual even while doing pilates

IVE Jang Won-young showed off her visual, which is on a different level, even while exercising.     

Jang Won-young

The trailer at the end of MBC’s “The Manager” episode on April 2nd shows IVE‘s appearance as the guests next week.

The IVE members worked hard to manage themselves despite their busy schedules, especially the scene where Jang Won-young did Pilates caught the viewer’ eye.

Jang Won-young made a brief appearance in the trailer, but she can be seen performing high-level poses with extraordinary core strength, causing admiration.

In January, Jang Won-young has already drawn attention by showing her doing pilates through IVE‘s official YouTube channel.

As the trainer in charge praised her saying, “She has very good muscle strength,” Jang Won-young patted on her clear abs line in pride.

Jang Won-young, who is 173cm tall, made poses that require high-quality flexibility with her long legs.

In the process, Jang Won-young suffered the inconvenience of touching the wall with her toes because her legs were too long.

In addition, Jang Won-young showed off her waistline while folding her body to the sides.

Meanwhile, IVE, Jang Won-young’s group, will release their second single “LOVE DIVE” at 6 p.m. on April 5th.

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