IZ*ONE ex-member Ahn Yu-jin is now Starship new girl group IVE’s leader

Following Yu-jin, Starship will reveal one by one 6 members of its new girl group IVE. 

Ahn Yu-jin, a former member of the group IZ*ONE, will lead the newly launched girl group IVE of Starship Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Starship). Yu-jin’s profile image was released on IVE’s official SNS channel on the afternoon of Nov 2nd.

Ahn Yu-jin IVE

In the released image, Yu-jin has long straight hair, giving off a pure and natural vibe. The emotional atmosphere of the black-and-white photo and Yu-jin’s pure visuals combined to complete the profile cut. In another photo, Yu-jin emitted a chic aura with her thick makeup and charismatic eyes. She matched black pants with a see-through top, revealing an intense yet urban twist.

Ahn Yu-jin IVE

Born in 2003, Yu-jin will lead the team as IVE’s leader and vocalist. Earlier, she was recognized for her witty talking skills as an MC on MBC’s entertainment show “My Little Television V2,” and is currently active as an MC for SBS’s “Inkigayo.”

Starship’s first rookie girl group IVE in five years consists of six members. With the ambition to express themselves and what they have, hence the meaning of “I HAVE = IVE”, IVE will do it with IVE’s confidence, own image and message. Following Yu-jin, five members will also be unveiled sequentially.

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