IU Shows Off Buffet Food Truck Sent By Shin Se Kyung

Singer-actress IU revealed the buffet food truck she received from Shin Se Kyung on filming set of her new drama.

On June 9th, IU shared a photo of the buffet food truck sent by Shin Se Kyung to the set of her upcoming drama “You Have Done Well”.


In particular, Shin Se Kyung prepared a food truck filled with various menus, along with the message “Cheering for the ‘You Have Done Well team.” In response, IU expressed her gratitude, saying, “Se Kyung unnie, you always make people’s hearts flutter.”

IU is currently filming the new drama “You Have Done Well” alongside Park Bo Gum. “You Have Done Well”’ is a drama that depicts the adventurous life of a rebellious girl born in Jeju in the 1950s, and a stubborn and strong man, throughout the four seasons.

Source: Nate.

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