ITZY’s complete makeover in Japan makes fans surprised and extremely happy 

It would be amazing if JYP promotes ITZY in Korea with a style like this.

On February 28th, JYP released a series of teaser photos of ITZY’s Japanese single Voltage. In this set of photos, ITZY has an extremely surprising appearance when the girls all have a luxurious and badass makeover, which is completely different from the cheesy, flashy image in recent comebacks in Korea.

In particular, the thing that makes fans most happy is that JYP has stopped “ruining” the idols’ beauty with catastrophic make-up style with big eye bags. Now, with the new simpler makeup layout, the delicate lines on the members’ faces are a lot more enhanced and accentuated. Fans just want ITZY‘s makeup team to forget about the scary makeup of the past and not do it ever again.

This set of teaser photos of ITZY is indeed extremely high quality. Netizens hope when ITZY come back in Korea, JYP will still keep this image for the sake of their own artists’ beauty:

-It would be amazing if JYP promotes ITZY in Korea with a style like this.

– The group has unique and beautiful visuals. But sometimes I don’t understand the way JYP does makeup. The group’s visuals deserve more praise.

– To be honest, the Japanese comebacks of JYP girl groups are always amazing in quality, sometimes even surpassing Korean comebacks.

– Yeah, get rid of the eye bags and ITZY’s visuals have risen so much.

– The end of the JPY family’s big eye bags has come. I’m so happy.

– They changed the makeup style. So beautiful!

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