Irene caused a buzz because of her commercial, which was as beautiful as movies

After 2 days, Irene’s ad clip gained over a million views and her beauty became a hot topic.

Irene is continuing to affirm her position as an advertising star when working with a brand of soju. The advertising clip of the leader of Red Velvet gained over a million views in just 2 days and became a hot topic on social media. Netizen commented that Irene looks more like filming a movie than filming a commercial.

Irene Ad 1
Irene advertisement for soju also causes a buzz thanks to her beauty.

Irene scene appeared in the middle of a snowy white forest, wearing a robe and background music which is reminiscent of the majestic, fantasy image of the Twilight movie. Irene turned around and the close-up scenes made people stop breathing because they were so beautiful.

Poster photos of the Red Velvet member also became a topic of discussion on forums. Netizen commented that the singer had a beautiful face, which made people forget about the product that Irene was promoting and only paid attention to her beauty. Irene also surprised many people by showing off an admirable S-shaped body.

Irene Ad 3
The singer shows the eye-catching curve in the promotion photo.

In Korea, only extremely popular artists who have good images and are favored by the public are chosen to advertise soju – national drink. Irene is proving the level of a top star when she constantly receives influential contracts in Korea.

Source: ione

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