“I thought she used apps…” Han So-hee who ended real-face controversy immediately after debut

Actress Han So-hee’s past photos attracted netizens’ attention.

On Sep 11th, a post titled “The Instagram star who ended the real-face controversy” was uploaded on the online community theqoo.

han so hee thumbnail

The post contained photos posted by Han So-hee on Instagram in the past. The netizen who posted these photos added, “When Han So-hee was an Instagram goddess, there were comments such as ‘This is never her real face’, ‘She used apps’, ‘She chose a good angle’… However, the controversy ended as soon as the first picture after her debut appeared.”

han so hee thumbnail
Han So hee predebut

Other netizens who saw Han So-hee’s photos commented, “Han So-hee has a special vibe”, “I didn’t know she was an Instagram goddess”, “She will also look good in historical dramas with these features”…

Han So hee predebut

Meanwhile, it was reported that Han So-hee was rushed to a hospital because of an eye injury while filming the drama “Gyeongseong Creature” on Aug 3rd.

The agency said, “Fortunately, it is not a serious injury, so she doesn’t need sewing or undergo any surgery. She is currently receiving treatment and resting.”

Sources: wikitree

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