“I got married to a famous idol member but he gave up his Korean nationality… I’m the only married one”

The fact that former racing model Ji Yeon-soo divorced former U-Kiss member Eli is being re-examined as she said that she remained as a divorced woman alone.

Ji Yeon-soo and Eli will appear on TV Chosun’s “We Got Divorced Season 2”, which is scheduled to be premiere on April 8th. As this news spread, Ji Yeon-soo‘s remarks about her being a divorced woman alone in the past are attracting attention.

Ji Yeon-soo

When appearing on SBS Plus’ “Kang Ho-dong’s Rice Heart“, which aired in March last year, Ji Yeon-soo revealed the process of her divorce with Eli. At the time, she said, “We went to the United States together because we didn’t have a job in Korea. I came to Korea alone to prepare for permanent residency, and I was notified of our divorce the next day. At first, I made every effort. Isn’t my child in the United States?”

Ji Yeon-soo

She then revealed a shocking fact, “When Eli, a dual citizen, gave up his Korean citizenship, he became an unmarried man in America. I became a married woman in Korea alone. It was so hard that I even had bad thoughts on the 20th floor.” In other words, Eli had no Korean citizenship, so the fact that he was married disappeared.

Ji Yeon-soo

Meanwhile, Eli and Ji Yeon-soo registered their marriage in 2014. The wedding ceremony was held in 2017 after their son Min-soo was born. However, they announced their divorce in November 2020, causing regret.

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