Hyuna and Dawn reportedly reunite after their recent breakup

Surprise news about Hyuna and Dawn, who recently broke up, was delivered.

On January 27th, News1 exclusively reported that Hyuna and Dawn recently decided to continue their relationship as lovers.

In this regard, News1 said, “According to an official in the entertainment industry, the two recently accompanied each other to schedules not only in Korea but also overseas. It is rumored that the two took care of each other as affectionately as they had done when dating publicly.”

hyuna dawn

Another official said to News1, “Apart from accompanying each other to filming sets and overseas schedules, Hyuna and Dawn don’t hide their affection for each other”.

In response to the news of Hyuna and Dawn’s reunion, netizens commented, “That’s good”, “Please get married”, “If it turns out well this time, I hope they get married”, “They reunite so quickly. TThey’re a lovely couple”, etc.

Dawn Hyuna

Hyuna and Dawn publicized their romantic relationship in 2016. Later in November last year, they announced their breakup after six years of dating. 

Source: wikitree

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