Hyeri, from pillow to swimsuit for 4 nights 5 days trip! “I packed too much”

Singer-actress Hyeri revealed her travel luggage to Jeju Island.

On Feb 24th, a video titled “Hyeri’s what’s in my carrier” was uploaded on Hyeri‘s YouTube channel. In the video, she said she would go on a trip to Jeju Island for 4 nights and 5 days. She also drew attention by showing a big carrier.


Hyeri said, “You see, they’re winter clothes with a lot of volume. So I stuffed them all in like this.” After opening the carrier, she showed off her cuteness with a shy smile.

She surprised everyone by taking out a low pillow from her carrier. Hyeri explained, “I can’t sleep on pillows that are too high. So I brought a small pillow.” The production team responded, “Is it the ‘sound sleep’ pillow in your room? We acknowledge it.”


Afterwards, Hyeri shared, “This accommodation comes with a jacuzzi, so a swimsuit… I bought it to bring it here. I can’t show you how it looks on me, so I’ll show you the swimsuit only.” She caught the eye by holding the swimsuit up to herself.


Next, Hyeri made everyone laugh by revealing various belongings such as toiletry bag, makeup pouch, shoes and clothes in her carrier. She confessed, “I’m like that. If I don’t pack something, I get anxious. So I pack everything.” She eventually admitted, “I did overdo it this time right? I packed too much.”

Source: Nate

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