Here’s what cosmetologists have to say about aespa’s beauty

It was once an open secret that K-pop stars underwent cosmetic procedures in large numbers, is aespa an exception?

Coming from SM Entertainment’s “flower garden”, since their debut, aespa has scored in the eyes of fans with their stunning standard beauty. However, looking at the members’ images when they were children and when they went to school, the audience could not help but raise big questions about whether they have gone through plastic surgery or not. To answer this question, a well-known expert in the cosmetology industry, Charles S. Lee, analyzed the beauty of aespa based on his knowledge and experience.

Charles S. Lee is one of the famous estheticians of Beverly Hills. In the past time, he has attracted the attention of society when filming videos commenting on the beauty of famous stars, including K-pop idols. Recently, this expert’s video frankly exposed the use of plastic surgery methods by aespa has caused a fever again on social networks.

According to Charles S. Lee, “AI goddess” Karina has had double eyelids surgery, raised the nose and reduced the jawbone. He also included pictures of the female idol’s past to prove his comment.

Karina’s childhood beauty. 
The female idol has repeatedly caused controversy about her real beauty. 
The beauty is far different from Karina’s pre-debut time. 

When debuting with aespa, Karina is always praised for her graphic beauty, as the “AI goddess” of K-pop 4th generation. The female idol possesses a cold aura, deep eyes, and high nose. When standing next to the top visuals like Yuna (ITZY), Yoona (SNSD), Wonyoung (IVE), Yujin (IVE) and Miyeon ((G)-IDLE), she is not inferior.

Karina’s beauty was praised when she debuted. 
Her face is commented to be up to graphic standards. 

As the outstanding visual of aespa, Winter was also exposed having had surgical transformations. According to Mr. Charles S. Lee, the female idol used the method of doubling the eyelids, lifting the nose and narrowing the jaw.

As observed from Winter’s past images, she has a “tomato” nose, a large nose tip, and drooping eyelids. After debuting with aespa, Winter was repeatedly criticized by the audience for having a stiff, unnatural face when exposed to flash light or appearing on stage.

aespa winter
The female idol’s “tomato” nose when she was young.
aespa winter
Winter’s beauty surprised people.
aespa winter
Winter’s poor image when she just debuted. 

At the present time, Winter is also one of the outstanding beauties of the 4th generation K-pop. On stages, the female idol’s facial expressions are also much more diverse and natural.

K-pop idols pucca hair
Winter’s beauty shines more and more. 
aespa winter
Female idols are more popular with the audience. 

Giselle is the member having gone under the knife the most in aespa. Specifically, according to Mr. Charles S. Lee, the female idol has had eyelid surgery, lifted her nose, reduced her jaw, and removed cheek fat. The young version of aespa’s main rapper had a square face, big nose, and unattractive eyes.

When she first debuted, the Japanese-born female idol did not receive much praise from Knetizens. However, up to now, Giselle has improved her visuals a lot thanks to her hard work.

aespa giselle
Giselle’s appearance surprised the audience. 
aespa giselle
Giselle is now more popular with the audience.

According to Mr. Charles S. Lee, NingNing is the most “natural” member of aespa. Specifically, the female idol uses two quite popular cosmetic methods: rhinoplasty and jaw reduction. In the past, the youngest aespa had a rather low nose bridge. However, when she debuted, NingNing had a sharper and better-looking face.

aespa ningning
NingNing’s unreleased photo caught attention. 
aespa ningning
NingNing’s current beauty has received many compliments. 

Mr. Charles S. Lee’s comments are still controversial. Regardless of the use of physical alterations or not, in the eyes of fans, aespa are still beautiful and talented female idols.

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