Hani introduces her boyfriend to her father and shares her marriage plans

Hani has introduced her boyfriend to her father, but she is in no rush to get married.

Recently, Hani participated in an interview to promote the Disney+ “Say It’s Love”. On this occasion, Hani talked about a photo of her boyfriend and her father.

Hani said, “My father often complains that I’m getting older and should introduce my boyfriend to him once. One day, my father called me and said in a sad voice, ‘I want to meet him once. Can you introduce us?’


So, I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to meet and he happily agreed. Then we had a nice meal together and took some photos to keep the memory. That day was really happy. My father was very pleased with him and said, ‘My daughter is living well. Now you are happy.’”

When asked about her marriage plans, Hani revealed that she was not in a rush to get married. She said that maybe one day they would get married, but it was not necessary now.

Hani seems to be taking her time and enjoying her relationship without any pressure.

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