Goo Hye Sun Reveals the Behind Story of Her Famous “Ski Robot” Meme and “Tear Selfie”

On the upcoming episode of MBC’s “Radio Star”, Goo Hye Sun shares the behind story of two of her legendary photos – the “Ski Robot” and “Tear Selfie.”

On March 8th, MBC released a video through Naver TV that featured the segment of “Asking Koo Hye Sun about the ski robot and tear selfie.”

koo hye sun

During this segment, Goo Hye Sun explained the story behind her iconic “tear selfie,” which made her an instant sensation for her beautiful tear face. When Kim Gura saw the photo, he joked that she resembled Yoo Se Yoon. However, Goo Hye Sun explained that it was not a selfie that she took for fun. She was attending an acting school at the time and had submitted it as an assignment for her emotion acting class.

She further explained that she took the picture seriously and was surprised when it went viral. She said, “At that time, the photo became very popular whenever I uploaded it. I didn’t do it to make people laugh. I was serious. But people found it funny.”

koo hye sun

Goo Hye Sun also talked about the “Ski Robot” meme. She revealed that it was a part of her method acting. She had to act like a robot skiing, and the picture was taken during the filming of a scene. She said that she was not embarrassed about it and that it was all part of the job.

On the same episode of “Radio Star”, Goo Hye Sun’s “Ski Robot” meme, which emerges every winter for 14 years, was mentioned. The meme, which features Goo Hye Sun’s robot-like skiing skills in hit K-drama “Boys Over Flowers”, became legendary at the time and is still popular now. 

Regarding this, Yoo Se Yoon provoked laughter by revealing that there are acquaintances who actually believe in “Goo Hye Sun’s robot theory”. In response, Goo Hye Sun explained that she was learning to ski for the first time because of the drama. In addition, Goo Hye Sun’s character, Geum Jan Di, was also a beginner at skiing, so she took method acting seriously. 

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“I still don’t know why people laugh”, Goo Hye Sun said and showed a confused expression, causing people to laugh even further. 

Everyone on the set then watched Goo Hye Sun’s “ski robot” meme again, while Yoo Se Yoon added laughter by copying the meme. Lee Kwang Gi also helped by saying “My body is stiff”. 

Goo Hye Sun’s stories of the “ski robot” and “tear selfie” meme, alongside other topics, can be seen in full through the March 8th episode of “Radio Star”. 

Source: Daum

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