“Goddess of spring” Son Ye-jin boasts irresistible beauty ahead of her marriage

Actress Son Ye-jin transformed into a “goddess of spring” ahead of her marriage.

On March 15th, fashion group Hyungji released a pictorial for the 2022 S/S season of the casual brand Crocodile Lady in collaboration with Son Ye-jin.

The main theme of this season’s pictorial is “JOURNEY FOR HAPPINESS”. Son Ye-jin, who has a hot fandom as a global star beyond Korea, caught fans’ attention by her appearance of spending a happy time in a healing place on a sunny day like a movie.

The brand said, “As you can see in this season’s pictorial, we are the most brilliant fashion brand in everyday life. Especially, we stand out even more with casual clothes that give lively energy during the COVID-19 period.”

Son Ye-jin is receiving a lot of love from Korean and foreign fans through JTBC’s drama “Thirty-Nine“, which is attracting attention for its high ratings and topicality.

She has once again proven her potential as a popular actress as she topped the March Drama Actors Brand Reputation Rankings with a total brand reputation index of 6,510,613.

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin is getting married to actor Hyun Bin in March.

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