Girls’ Generation makes a funny parody of the movie “Sunny”… “Soshitamtam” to be premiere on July 5th

Girls’ Generation parodied the movie “Sunny”.

Girls’ Generation‘s entire-team entertainment show “Soshitamtam” (JTBC), which is scheduled to premiere on July 5th, is a program full of Girls’ Generation’s charms ahead of their entire-team comeback after 5 years. Many people are paying attention to “Soshitamtam”, where the attractive Girls’ Generation will explore the colorful entertainment world.


In the first teaser video, Girls’ Generation’s parody of a scene from the movie “Sunny” raised interest. The teaser, which began with Park Jin-joo’s line “Hey Girls’ Generation”, caught the eye as Girls’ Generation members, who presented various retro stylings, replied, “Yes, we’re Girls’ Generation.”


From leader Taeyeon to maknae Seohyun, Girls’ Generation soon showed embarrassment and burst into laughter. Yoona’s words “Wow, it’s difficult” and Sunny’s lamentation “It’s too cheesy” raised viewers’ expectations for the show to the utmost.

Meanwhile, “Soshitamtam” will premiere at 9 p.m. on July 5th.

Source: Daum

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