G-Dragon and IU are Korean singers who earn the most from royalties

G-Dragon has 174 songs registered under his name. Meanwhile, his close friend, singer IU, also earns a lot from her 72 copyrighted songs.

The broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Company Live” aired on March 12th revealed the list of “Celebrities who become rich thanks to royalties”

Accordingly, G-Dragon and IU ranked 6th place and 8th place, respectively. With 174 songs registered under his name, G-Dragon was introduced as the most famous singer-producer in the KPOP industry. In other words, he has always been considered the artist who leads the Korean Wave.

Many years have passed but hits songs of G-Dragon and Big Bang, such as “Lies”, “Haru Haru”, “Heartbreaker”, “Last Farewell”, “Bang Bang Bang”, etc., are still enjoyed by many KPOP fans of different generations.

G-Dragon is the richest Korean singer thanks to royalties from 174 songs registered under his name

IU, on the other hand, is in eighth position with 72 songs to her credit. KBS brought up IU’s “Composer of the Year award”, emphasizing how important it is to the female singer’s music career.

When it comes to the songs that make IU famous, the audience can’t forget “Blueming”, “Celebrity”, “BbiBbi”, “Twenty-Three”, etc.

For many years in showbiz, IU has won many prestigious awards. At the 36th Golden Disc Awards, the female singer was the winner of the Daesang “Digital Music of the Year”.

According to SCMP, IU is presently one of Korea’s most well-known and wealthy singers. She is a multi-talented artist who excels at producing and writing songs. Participating in a number of hit dramas, such as Hotel Del Luna and Moon Lover…, also helped her to boost her income.

IU is currently one of the most famous and richest singers in Korea thanks to royalties.
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