From IU to Jennie: Why “10th solo debut anniversary” Zico’s collaboration is more special

Artist-producer Zico is attracting attention with news of his new collaboration

Zico will make a comeback with the digital single “SPOT! (feat. JENNIE)” on April 26th. This marks Zico’s new release in a year and nine months since his mini album “Grown Ass Kid” was released in July 2022.

The song is already garnering hot attention simply from the meeting of Zico and Jennie. A preview of “SPOT! (feat. JENNIE)” was released through Zico’s personal SNS on April 18th, and netizens expressed their anticipation, “I trust and listen if it’s Zico and Jennie’s collaboration“, “The song perfectly suits both of their voices“, “I’m endlessly repeating the 20-second video“…

jennie blackpink zico

Zico has showcased a wide range of musical collaborations with various musicians, demonstrating not only his skills in lyric writing, composition and producing but also his keen eye and sense in finding the most suitable artists for his songs. His fresh and trendy music, created together with fellow artists, has always hit the mark with listeners.

Throughout his career, Zico has boasted top-notch collaborations with hip-hop scene artists like Crush, DEAN, PENOMECO and The Quiett, as well as prominent solo artists representing their eras like Rain and IU.

jennie blackpink zico

Hits like “New thing (Prod. ZICO) (Feat. Homies)” and “Tell ME Yes Or No (Feat. PENOMECO, The Quiett)” created a “hip-hop syndrome” in the Korean music scene. “SoulMate (Feat. IU)” was loved for its delicate melody and acoustic sentiment, shooting straight to the top of the Melon weekly chart in its first week of release. “Summer Hate (Feat. Rain)” continued the trend of easy-listening hits, topping various domestic real-time music charts upon release.

In his new song “SPOT! (feat. JENNIE)”, Zico collaborates with another powerhouse in the music industry, Jennie. Expectations are high for this song, which captures the unadorned moments of two friends who met at a party late at night, to reveal a new side of both Zico and Jennie.

Meanwhile, celebrating his 10th solo debut anniversary this year, Zico is scheduled to kick off active activities in 2024 starting with “SPOT! (feat. JENNIE)”.

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