From being taken to ER after throwing up to suffering from bulimia for 4 years, young stars’ health problems are on red alert

The health status of many stars in their 20s is on red alert as they complain of both physical and mental health issues here and there.

Recently, Kwon Jin Ah announced her condition, saying, “I look very strong, but I have a weak constitution. I regularly caught all kind of viruses, and I have been touring various sickness throughout the year, and even went to the ER due to abdominal pain.

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Earlier, Kwon Jin Ah also mentioned her health status in 2021. “At the age of 18, I suffered from anorexia and bulimia disorders for 4 years due to my extreme diets, she said. “I sincerely hope that many people will be able to stay away from the pain and live healthy despite the different body types.

Kwon Jin Ah instagram

Cheon Jun Hyuk of the group TNX will reportedly suspend his activities for the time being due to health problems. His agency P-Nation said, “Cheon Jun Hyuk recently showed signs of anxiety due to poor physical strength, due to which he has received an examination at a specialized medical institution,” adding, “He was diagnosed by a specialist that he needs sufficient rest and time to stabilize.

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Accordingly, Cheon Jun Hyeok will suspend all activities for the time being. The agency promised, “Cheon Jun Hyeok will focus on rest and treatment. We will also do our best to help Cheon Jun Hyeok recover quickly and come back in good health as soon as possible.

Earlier in October last year, former LOONA member Chuu appeared on Channel A’s “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic” and confessed that she until she puked because of stress, causing fans to worry. At that time, Chuu said, “I ate until I couldn’t breathe. When I get stressed, I’d eat then vomit. One time I had to be hospitalized when my whole body was limp and stiff. I know it’s wrong, but I do that to buy happiness for 20 minutes.

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Hearing Chuu’s sharings, Doctor Oh Eun Young diagnosed Chuu with “smiling depression” – a mental affliction where one lives with depression on the inside while appearing happy or content on the outside.

Most idols are exposed to an environment where they can easily get injured because of intense choreography. In particular, in the case of groups that present performances with high intensity, most of the members suffer from chronic pain. These days, more and more members are taking a break from activities due to mental problems as well as injuries. They complain of anxiety disorder and panic disorder due to pressure to meet expectations, fear of the stage and indiscriminate malicious comments.

It is important to carry out activities without a hitch, but what is more important is the stars’ health. Fans are getting more concerned as they hear about frequent backstage incidents and accidents of stars. In order for them to be healthy, agencies need to take care of them. Stars also have to pay attention to their own physical and mental health for the happiness of both themselves and their fans.

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