GOT7 member Jackson Wang faces potential ban from activities due to ongoing rumors 

Concerns heightened as rumors emerged about his disappearance on the internet and television. 

With a gloomy outlook of male Chinese stars being exposed of wrongdoings and suspicious acts, Cbiz followers are worried if their idols would be the next in line with their contracts terminated and listed in a “black list”. GOT7 member, Wong Ka-yee or Jackson Wang, is on thin ice as rumors are spreading of the idol involved with Li Yifeng’s recent scandals. A clip took over Chinese social media where fans begged the idol “not to destroy his reputation”. 

While the 28-year-old singer has not explained the context behind the clip, his fans seem to have their reasons to be concerned. On September 20th, a netizen declaring that the person was working for a broadcast station said that they received an order to delete all relevant contents to Wong Ka-yee. 

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Whereas there are suspicions of the validity of the statement as Wong Ka-yee’s television shows are currently searchable, other events may threaten the singer’s career. 

Previously, a brand that once announced Wang Ka-yee to be their ambassador replaced his status with Chinese actor Zhu Yilong, raising speculation that the brand turned their back on him due to ongoing rumors. 

Another netizen shared she could not look up Wang Ka-yee when she searched his name on familiar search tools. 

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The question arises if this is the end for Wong Ka-yee’s career? The ambiguous posts from the singer also alluded to the rumors.

Counter-rumors also appeared, stating that Wong Ka-yee’s previous projects would not be canceled but the Wang singer still had a “high chance” of facing the notorious ‘feng sha’ (a ban against a celebrity from appearing in a particular field). 

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Meanwhile, Chinese media says that Wong Ka-yee is “avoiding” the Chinese market and is shifting to other foreign markets. Regarding his albums, Wong Ka-yee is said to be promoting mainly in overseas countries. 

Source: K14

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