Former Crayon Pop member Song Bo-ram (Gummi) announces pregnancy with her second child

There is an actress who drew attention after the surprise news of her pregnancy. She is former Crayon Pop member Song Bo-ram.

Song Bo-ram

On Feb 16th, Song Bo-ram posted two photos on her Instagram along with the caption saying “100 days before childbirth. With D-100 days left, I’ll carefully deliver the news of my second pregnancy.”

The released post contained ultrasound photos of the fetus.

Song Bo-ram

On this day, Song Bo-ram wrote, “As of today, I’m 25 weeks and 5 days into my pregnancy. My stomach has come out a lot and I feel active fetal movements recently.”

She added, “I always had thoughts on having a second child, but I didn’t know the child would come so soon. Because our child has made dad and mom’s hearts flutter, we gave our baby the nickname ‘Shim-koong’ (heart fluttering).”

Song Bo-ram

She continued,

“Tomorrow, it changes to double digits, and I’m half worried half excited. I’m a mom who is raising a 3-year-old child, and I’m already filled with worries on how I will raise 2 children.”

“Woo-joo is also really young, but as soon as his younger sibling is born, my heart feels a bit sad thinking about how he’ll think he has to share half of our love. I’ll hug you and love you more tomorrow.”

Song Bo-ram

Finally, Song Bo-ram confessed, “Anyhow, it is my desire as a mother to have Woo-joo and Shim-koong get along well with each other. Woo-joo, congratulations on becoming an older brother. Please take good care of Shim-koong.”

Netizens showed reactions such as “Congratulations”, “Congratulations, you already have the second child”, “What a good news!”…

Song Bo-ram

Song Bo-ram made her debut as a member of girl group Crayon Pop in 2012. At that time, her stage name was Gummi.

Song Bo-ram, who later turned into an actress in 2017, married a businessman in February 2020 and welcomed the first child in August of the same year.

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