Fans were shocked at the off-screen BLACKPINK Lisa compared to her image on-screen

Which is the true personality of Lisa?

At exactly 1 PM KST on September 10, Lisa (BLACKPINK) finally debuted solo with the single album ‘LALISA’. The MV for the title song with the same name was also released at that time. Prior to her debut, Lisa went on a live broadcast and did the countdown with fans. Especially, the singer appeared stunningly in a yellow dress.

However, please prepare to see a completely different personality of Lisa that appeared when she got off work. On the way home from the live broadcast shooting place, the hip-hop girl Lisa wore a simple outfit with an extraordinary ‘galaxy’ mask. Fans laughed so hard at her appearance because it seemed like the outfit didn’t match her cute bob hair at all.

Say goodbye to the girly Lisa; this is“hip-hop girl” Lisa on her way home

Arriving home, Lisa’s “girlfriend”, Rosé, had already been waiting to congratulate her. Then, the two sang and danced crazily to Lisa’s title song, ‘LALISA’.

This is super cool Lisa in the MV
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And the reality “LALISA love me”…

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