As Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin are getting married, fans hope these 4 drama couples will confirm their dating rumors

Not only do they have explosive chemistry in Korean dramas but these 4 couples also show lovey dovey behind-the-scenes. No wonder why they are rumored to be in love!

Amidst the news of the golden couple Son Ye JinHyun Bin getting married, the online community has had the opportunity to mention other Korean drama couples who they wish will soon openly confirm their relationship. These are the stars who are often shipped with each other because their dating hints are just too real.

 1. Jisoo – Jung Hae In

No need to argue anymore, this is definitely the couple that fans ship the most in the Korean film industry recently. Because of their sweet chemistry in “Snowdrop” along with the constant dating hints, Jisoo Jung Hae In was constantly begged to just get married by the audience.

 2. Park Hyung Sik – Han Hyo Joo

Although “Happiness” is a zombie horror drama with very little action and romance, the audience still enthusiastically ship Park Hyung Sik with Han Hyo Joo because they look good together and have natural chemistry. In addition, previously, the handsome Park Hyung Sik also shared that senior Han Hyo Joo was one of the main reasons why he accepted the offer to play the lead role.

 3. Song Joong Ki – Jeon Yeo Bin

Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin not only show explosive chemistry in “Vincenzo” but also are extremely romantic behind the scenes. Many Korean bloggers also pointed out hints that the Ki – Bin couple is really dating and assumed that they will be revealed by Dispatch next year.

  4. Park Min Young – Park Seo Joon

The drama “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” ended a long time ago, but the couple Park Min YoungPark Seo Joon has been constantly rumored to be dating ever since. As both are known as “the king and queen of chemistry”, it is understandable that this couple makes the audience so fascinated about their rumored love story.

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