Fans are frustrated that YG abandons Seungri; Big Bang to promote with 4 members after discharge

V.I.Ps have expressed dissatisfaction towards YG’s decision to let Big Bang promote with 4 members without waiting for Seungri.

This morning, the fandom was utterly angry at Yang Hyun Suk’s announcement about Big Bang’s upcoming activities following members’ military discharge. Specifically, President Yang said: ‘Big Bang will be coming back with 4 members G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang and Daesung at the end of 2019 without Seungri due to his military service’.
Yang Hyun Suk announces that Big Bang will be promoting with 4 members without waiting for Seungri.
It means that Big Bang will be promoting in almost 2 years with 4 members. President Yang explains that continuing music activities without Seungri will help Big Bang catch up with their rivals. However, Big Bang fans refused to accept this idea, thinking that it would be unfair for Seungri, as it looks like he’s being left behind.
Fans will have to get used to this 4-member formation in 2 years?
Being the one that receives the most criticism among Big Bang members due to his lack for talent ever since debut, Seungri also suffers from the hate of OT4’s fans (who support a 4-member Big Bang without Seungri). Thus, Yang Hyun Suk’s plan for Big Bang members following their military discharge is believed to exacerbate the situation, making Seungri even more left out. Worse, if the 4-member formation remains for a long time, many people will forget about Seungri, leading to a huge disadvantage to him after he himself being discharged.
Fans worry that fans of OT4 will take advantage of YG’s decision to give Seungri more hate.
Many fans say they are willing to wait longer, as long as they can see Big Bang on the stage with all 5 members. Looking at Big Bang’s current position in the K-pop industry, V.I.Ps believe that letting the members go solo will be sufficient to maintain the heat before the whole group come back from service. It is totally unnecessary to continue promotion without a member just to catch up with rivals.
Big Bang fans express frustration: ‘Big Bang will not come back without Seungri. Big Bang is not the same without a member. What is he even thinking he’s doing to the golden maknae?’ ‘Seungri should leave YG to make a unit with Sehun. That sounds even more legit than Big Bang making a comeback with 4 members’. ‘Hey YG, are you aware that Seungri would be hurt?’ ‘Why not letting the members promote solo while waiting for Seungri?’ …
Big Bang fans are extremely angry at YG’s decision because they always support all the five members.
On the other hand, many are doubtful about this plan because YG is infamous for breaking promises. Big Bang’s comeback album, which is set for late 2019, might not even come out until Seungri himself is discharged from service.
It remains hanging whether or not Big Bang is going to continue promotion with only 4 members. However, V.I.Ps’ expectations are unchanged. They know that it will always be worth the wait to see Big Bang return with all the five members.

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