Fans are both surprised and worried after BLACKPINK’s Rosé shows off a gift from Kanye West

Rosé has always been a social butterfly, but when it’s Kanye West of all people, fans are getting a bit worried…

Rosé’s recent Instagram story has stirred up the Internet. The female idol posted about a special gift she got from American rapper Kanye West, an electronic item that looks like a speaker.

BLACKPINK fans have mixed reactions to this story. Most are surprised to know that Rosé and Kanye West know each other. Rosé has always been BLACKPINK‘s social butterfly as she is close to many famous Western stars, but when it’s Kanye West of all people, fans are raising concern. 

Everyone knows that Kanye West is a talented rapper but also one of Hollywood’s most scandalous celebrities, so no fan wants their idol to be suddenly dragged into stories related to the male rapper.

  • I don’t want BLACKPINK to have any relationship with him.
  • Stay away from Rosé, please
  • I don’t think they know each other
  • She has relationships with many top stars in the world. So admirable
kaney west

It is known that the device that Kanye West gave Rosé is a high-end instrument capable of separating sound parts, and the price is certainly very high. With Kanye West giving Rosé a music-related device, is this a hint for a future collaboration?

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