“Fake marriage” show My K-Star Family sparks controversy for making male and female idols sleep on the same bed

Netizens are surprised to see a male and female idol sleeping next to each other on TV. 

My K-Star Family is a Korean reality TV show in which Kpop idols live together as members of a “virtual family”. My K-Star Family has garnered much attention as it is considered a new version of We Got Married – a famous “fake marriage” show for Korean celebrities.

We Got Married

The 2 couples that were paired on My K-Star Family in the first season are Daehwi (AB6IX) – Kang Hyewon (former IZ*ONE member) & Yesung (Super Junior) – Nayoung (former Pristin/I.O.I member). Although it is not real, seeing a male and female idol sleep in the same bed still makes many viewers uncomfortable.

A controversial scene of 2 idols
A controversial scene of 2 idols

Some netizens commented:

  • Ugh, even members of the same group don’t share the same bed!
  • Even though I know it’s fake, it’s still annoying to see!
  • Is the production crew in their right mind?
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