F.T. Island’s Lee Hong-ki & Lee Jae-jin Publicly Show Support For ‘Divorce’ Member Choi Min-hwan

F.T. Island members are with Choi Min-hwan, who just suffered a divorce

On December 4th, Choi Min-hwan announced the news of his divorce from Laboum’s Yulhee on his personal SNS account, saying “I will do my best to fulfill my responsibility as a father until the end”.

He added, “I feel sorry towards people who have supported me when I decided to make a family at a young age. I want to say thank you and sorry to my family my team, as well as my members and fans who have been supporting me”.

Lee Hong-ki Lee Jae-jin

Apart from fans, F.T. Island members Lee Hong-ki and Lee Jae-jin also pressed “like” on Choi Min-hwan’s post to cheer him up publicly, proving their strong friendship.

F.T. Island is a three-member idol band that debuted in 2007. They have been loved by not only domestic fans but also international music listeners for 17 years. Choi Min-hwan is the youngest member of the band but he became the first person to get married and have children. That’s why older members always help and support him. 

choi min hwan

In particular, when Yulhee and the three children visited F.T. Island’s waiting room for the band’s 15th-anniversary concert, Lee Hong-ki held Choi Min-hwan’s eldest son in his arms and said, “I’ll be responsible for his tuition fees”.

F.T. Island members have been together for decades and they will continue to accompany Choi Min-hwan to overcome the divorce and continue making music. The band plans to release a new version of the song “Meeting” in their 2007 full album “Cheerful Sensibility” on December 10th and recall memories with fans.

Source: Nate

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