EXO-L suddenly became the most hated and criticized fandom

The bad behaviors of some EXO fans made and is now making many other fandoms angry and mad. EXO-L is even considered as “the most annoying fandom in the world”.

Every time the year-end award season comes, Kpop always witnesses the explosion of fandom fights. This seems to have been a harsh reality of Kpop for years. This year, among fan wars between different fandoms, there is a fandom that is “thrown a lot of bricks” by others and even from Kpop non-fans. And that’s EXO-L!

Firstly, the challenge “F*ck You MAMA” was created on Twitter after some EXO-L felt indignant at MAMA 2017 because EXO was not fairly treated. All of EXO fandom posted their pointing middle fingers photos with a hashtag #마마_뻐큐_챌린지 on Twitter, which got a lot of attention on social networks after MAMA ended.

exo, fuck mama 2017
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It would be fine if this challenge was only about to abuse and criticize MAMA because most of other fandoms had the same feelings as EXO-L. However, this became more serious when some EXO-L even posted their photos of pointing middle fingers at TWICE, BTS and other groups’ stage, then confidently shared them on social networks.

exo, fuck mama 2017
exo, fuck mama 2017
exo, fuck mama 2017

Right after that, the hashtag #엑소엘_사과해 (temporarily translated as: EXO-L, please apologize) became a hot trend on Twitter. A number of Kpop fandoms used this hashtag to demand a polite apology from EXO-L for what they had been doing.

The issue did not stop then as when MMA 2017 – which took place right after MAMA – ended, the fight between EXO-L and other fandoms became worse. After MMA, a video, which was supposed to have recorded EXO-L’s abusing Wanna One for daring to sit in front of EXO, got a lot of attention on social networks. In this video, we can clearly hear bad sayings such as “Why are you sitting there?”, “Go backward now, that’s the seat of sunbae”, “So where would EXO sit then?”, “You sit there, then EXO have to sit behind you?”… According to some fans, it seemed that Wanna One heard these and they decided to sit backward.

After that, many EXO-L shared that, the first person posting this video explained that those people abusing Wanna One in the clip were not EXO fans. They even used the hashtag #엑소엘한테_사과해 (temporarily translated as: Please apologize EXO-L) to demand apologies from those fandoms who criticized EXO-L, especially from Wannable. However, many people did not believe in that explanation as the word “EXO” appeared a lot in the video. Therefore, netizens were wondering, if it was not EXO-L, then which fandom abused Wanna One members by purposely mentioning EXO?

Things get worse when some EXO-L accused ARMY of abusing Wanna One in the clip. After that, ARMY in Korea found out evidences proving that what EXO-L said was totally wrong. Again, EXO-L’s behaviors made both ARMY and Wannable angrier and angrier.

Then, an ARMY from Korea angrily shared that, she screamed loudly for BTS because she was standing in an area where there was very few ARMY. However, EXO-L criticized her for this. In the video recorded by this ARMY, when the flute sound of “DNA” appeared, we can clearly hear EXO-L in Korea said “Don’t listen to it”, “so annoying”,…

Perhaps, those were not all of what made other fandoms angry with EXO-L after MAMA and MMA. After these issues were spread from Twitter to Korean online forums, many netizens – no matter they are Kpop fans or not – were extremely annoyed and mad due to the bad behaviors of one of the strongest fandoms in Korea.

Below a post on an online forum, many netizens left their comments as:
Hey seriously act like they’re a sect or something ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They just look like crazy people
Who else straight up thought EXO-Ls with the title alone?
Wow how did they even come up with a Fck you challenge, I’m feeling all disgusted and it’s only morning…They’re even more than what I’ve pictured, can they still claim that this is only the minority”
“fckㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋThe ones who won daesang 5 years in a row is EXO, not youㅋㅋㅋ

“F*ck I knew that Bangtan had this treatment, but seems like our kids too;;; Who cares if you guys had the highest votes when your results are so bad;;;; Do they not think of the judge’s scores tooㅋ;; They’re freaking out of their mindsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋThey’re just blinded by their swears now
“Their oppas will probably see this, Who’s the person who started this on Twitter??ㅜㅠ”

What do you think about the fight between EXO-L and other fandoms after MAMA and MMA?

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