Everybody wants to be BTS. When will the “BTS wannabe” trend stop?

Many Korean parents are sending their kids to academies so that they can become “the next BTS”.

Many Korean outlets have revealed that many parents are making their kids go to academies to learn all the essential skills so that they can become “the 2nd BTS.”

This results in the popularity of art academies in Gangnam. These places not only help kids develop their singing and dancing skills but also give them the opportunity to become celebrities.

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Korean kids practicing in KPOP academies.

For the kids to be able to do to these academies, each family have to spend from 120,000 won to 150,000 won for a month. Many kids even sign up for private classes, where they can fully develop their potentials at a young age.

This syndrome is said to have appeared after BTS was recognized as one of KPOP’s most popular groups, with many achievements in and outside Korea. The thing that tells BTS apart from other groups is that they have a huge impact on Korean parents. Even the parents who have no interest in the idol industry want their kids to be as successful as BTS. The public is shocked by the number of idol groups which were made with a concept or style similar to that of BTS or mentioned BTS to gain fame.

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BTS became the ideal model for parents to guide their kids.

However, netizens objectively believe that it’s really hard to recreate BTS’ success. The Big Hit boy group are believed to have achieved their fame thanks to their hard work, sincerity, and songs that give people love and strength. Especially, they are not the second version of anyone and they never try to create any trend.

BTS is the definition of passion and constancy. Their strength was not gained through any class but through facing prejudices and difficulties in the showbiz world. Most of the netizens think that these parents’ purpose of doing this is money and fame, which, however, can kill their children’s real passions.


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