“Drunk driving” Kim Sae Ron pressed like on WOODZ’s SNS…Is it really self-reflection?

After actress Kim Sae Ron was fined 20 million won for drunk driving, she is once again attracting attention by cheering for singer WOODZ (Cho Seung Youn).

WOODZ posted a teaser image for his 5th mini album “OO-LI” on his Instagram on April 7th. WOODZ will make a comeback with a new album on April 26th.


WOODZ revealed his face and attached the caption “WOODZ [OO-LI] PROJECT WOODZ 5th Mini Album [OO-LI] Concept Teaser : FREE Ver. 2023.04.26(Wed.) 6PM(KST) #WOODZ #WOODZ_5th_Mini_Album #OO_LI #OO_LI_PROJECT”.

Seeing this, WOODZ’s fans left supportive comments. Among them, Kim Sae Ron drew attention by pressing “like” on the post. Kim Sae Ron quietly pressed “Like” without any comments, but this SNS activity was quickly exposed in real time because celebrities’ SNS activities are particularly prominent on Instagram.


According to Star News’ confirmation, Kim Sae Ron was following WOODZ’s account, but WOODZ was not following Kim Sae Ron’s account. The friendship between Kim Sae Ron and WOODZ has not yet been known, but at least it was speculated that Kim Sae Ron is loyal enough to actively support WOODZ.

Kim Sae Ron’s SNS activities are drawing attention because she is currently on trial for drunk driving and announced self-reflection. Kim Sae Ron recently got embroiled in a “false part-time job controversy” when she complained about the hardships of her life by posting photos of herself working at a cafe where her friend worked. She was also criticized after being caught visiting a hold’em bar.


Accordingly, Kim Sae Ron told reporters at the court, “I didn’t complain about the hardships of life. It’s true that I’m working part-time, and it’s also true that the penalty is high.” After this remark, Kim Sae Ron was revealed to be working part-time at a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul by Money Today on April 6th.

On May 18th last year, Kim Sae Ron collided with guardrails and street trees several times while driving drunk in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Her blood alcohol level at that time was measured to be over 0.2%, far exceeding the standard for license revocation (0.08%).

On April 5th, Judge Lee Hwan Ki of the Seoul Central District Court sentenced Kim Sae Ron, who was charged with violating the Road Traffic Act, to a fine of 20 million won.

Source: daum

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