Debate Sparks Over IVE Leeseo’s Personal Color: Warm Tone or Cool Tone?

A debate started among K-netizens regarding the personal color of IVE’s youngest member Leeseo.

In a YouTube self-content video released about a month ago titled “IVE IVE PHOTOSHOOT ‘I’ve IVE‘ – Behind The Scenes #2”, Leeseo showcased a styling that featured cool berry-colored makeup and accessories, contrasting with her glamorous black outfit.


After this video was uploaded, Korean netizens started discussing Leeseo’s personal color. They left comments such as “She seems to be cool-toned,” “Her hair seems to suit autumn muted colors better,” and so on.

This isn’t the first time that netizens have engaged in a debate about Leeseo’s personal color. Continuously receiving responses that she became even prettier after changing her makeup shop, Leeseo has been pulling off various styles.


Alongside the reactions regarding Leeseo’s personal color, the makeup products she used in the video, especially the lip tint, are also gaining attention. It particularly went viral as “Leeseo’s item” on Japanese Twitter. 

As IVE is one of the most popular global girl groups at the moment, fans’ attention is focused not only on Leeseo’s personal color but also on the makeup items she used. 


Netizens are showing reactions such as “Whether warm tone or cool tone, she looks pretty either way,” “I don’t know about Leeseo, but I got caught up in the tint hype as a cool-toned person,” “Leeseo’s face can pull off anything,” and more.

Source: Insight

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