Current whereabouts of the female soldier who disappeared with a secret in “Sweet Home” season 1

Here’s how “Sweet Home” actress Kim Ji Eun is doing. 

Kim Ji Eun is best known for her role as Captain Han Yu Jin, a mysterious and secretive female soldier in Netflix’s original series “Sweet Home,” which attracted global attention in 2020.

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In Netflix’s “Sweet Home,” based on a webtoon of the same name, Captain Han Yu Jin is an original character who does not appear in the original work.

Kim Ji Eun, who has not released any update for two years after “Sweet Home”, recently reported that she had been cast as the female lead in movie “The Scarecrow Dream,” which is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2023.

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Regarding her current status after appearing in “Sweet Home,” Kim Ji Eun said, “I was working a lot, but (the public) didn’t know me that well. Then, I think I gained a little bit of recognition with ‘Sweet Home’,” opening up about the sadness of being unknown.

She added, “In fact, after ‘Sweet Home’ and before the casting of ‘The Scarecrow Dance’, I couldn’t do anything.  Just because we (actors) want to do something doesn’t mean we can do it. You have to be chosen to be cast.”

After all her hard work, Kim Ji Eun has finally been cast in a lead role for the first time since her debut, in the 14th year of her acting career. 

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The movie “The Scarecrow Dance” is a horror thriller about an anesthesiologist, Seo Hoo, who takes care of his autistic daughter while dreaming of a happy family life with his wife, Seong Yoon.

Kim Ji Eun, who made her debut in the 2009 movie “4th Period Mystery”, revealed that her father was a theater actor when he was young and appeared in small roles in movies and dramas. So she always dreamed of becoming an actor.

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While majoring in business administration, she looked at her seniors preparing to become accountants and asked herself, “Will I be happy even if I became an accountant?”

Kim Ji Eun’s father, who gave up acting for his family and became an office worker, did not readily support his daughter’s decision, but after Kim Ji Eun’s persuasion, her father allowed her to become an actress. 

Since her debut, she has taken on supporting roles in numerous dramas such as “Doctor Stranger,” “Dr. Romantic,” “Come and Hug Me,” “Terrius Behind Me,” etc.

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Kim Ji Eun, who has appeared in more than 100 works over 14 years, picked Oh Nara when asked about an actor she is close to.

She revealed that her relationship with Oh Nara started when they were starring in MBC’s historical drama “Flowers of the Prison”.

“She (Oh Nara) always took care of me and gave me presents on my birthday. She is an older sister I want to get along well with in the future,” Kim Ji Eun talked about Oh Nara. She also picked Oh Nara as her role model.

Source: Daum

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