Copycat Suicide: Some Shawol want to end their lives to meet Jonghyun!

If your friends or relatives are Shawol, please do not leave them alone no matter what, especially in this hard time!

Since Jonghyun (SHINee)’s tragic death, Kpop fans are expressing their sympathy for Shawol – the fandom who is now suffering the most pain. However, despite other fandoms’ encouragement as well as efforts, what people are most afraid of finally appears: Copycat Suicide Phenomenon!

SHINEE, Jonghyun, dead, 2017

Copycat Suicide is a phenomenon when someone “blindly copies a person’s suicide and does the same thing to kill himself”. It happens when a person wants to end his life after being influenced by suicide articles on newspapers, TV, or by the death of his relatives as well as idols. What makes people most concerned about is that after Jonghyun’s suicide, there will be more and more news about the disappearance and suicide of some Shawol on social networks.

Since Jonghyun’s death was officially published, a lot of Korean have been in a panic sharing that their Shawol friends suddenly disappear and they could not contact them. So far, social networks are still crowded as more and more Shawol are reported to be missing by their friends. A majority of Kpop fans everywhere are now together praying for those fans.

Currently, Kpop fans are spreading an urgent message on social networks, hoping everyone will pay attention to and have a talk with their Shawol friends and relatives. Do not leave them alone because it is such a hard time that they will not able to overcome if there’s no one beside them.

A representative of SHINee fandom shared that: “If Jonghyun was your reason for living, do not take his departure as an invitation for you to follow, let the hard work he put into inspiring you to live be your strength and hold him forever in your memory, keep hold of the warmth he gave you and don’t let go”
Again, we hope that Shawol will be stronger and stronger to overcome this pain and hard time, so that we can hold 4 remaining members’ hands and together live for the rest of Jonghyun’s life!

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