Controversy over Yang Se-chan’s rude remark towards Jeon So-min is currently the hottest topic online

Yang Se-chan’s rude remarks toward Jeon So-min about her ex-boyfriend heated up the online community all day. 

In the “Running Man” episode, which aired earlier on Jan 9th, a scene of Yang Se-chan playing an “Of course” game with Jeon So-min was broadcasted. On this day, Yang Se-jeon specifically mentioned Jeon So-min‘s ex-boyfriend’s job and said, “You are still meeting him, right?” which resulted in Jeon So-min, who was shocked by Yang Se-chan‘s word, losing the game.

running man

Since the broadcast, netizens have criticized Yang Se-chan‘s attitude of attacking Jeon So-min‘s personal privacy, no matter how close the two are, was very rude and crossing the line.

Yang Se-chan and Jeon So-min, as well as the “Running Man” production team, have not responded regarding the situation yet.

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