Comedians Choi Young-soo and Park Dong-geun accused of assaulting a teenager female idol

The kid program, ‘Boni Hani,’ has reportedly been at the center of controversy. Comedian Choi Young-soo and Park Dong-geun, who are playing Dang Dang Man and Mokni, have been respectively accused of assaulting and abusing Chaeyeon, a teenager idol who is a member of the group Buster, on the show.


In an episode of EBS1’s “Knock! Knock! Boni Hani” (hereinafter referred to as Boni Hani) aired live on its official YouTube channel on December 10th, Comedian Choi Young-soo was seen hitting Chae-yeon, who is a teenager idol and MC of the show, during the break. Choi reportedly shook down Chae-yeon’s hand roughly, and soon approached her and took a threatening posture to hit her. There was also what seemed like a punching sound, which makes Internet users who watched the show raised suspicions that Choi Young-soo assaulted Chae-yeon.

Not long ago, “Boni Hani” was also caught up in another gossip. On the 11th, a video was uploaded on an online community site showing comedian Park Dong-geun, who plays “Mokni” in “Boni Hani,” verbally abused Chae-yeon. In the video, Park Dong-geun told Chae-yeon, “I’d love to be you. You can do a broadcast with Boni. Boni is handsome and nice, but you’re not. Your mouth smells like Listerine, you sterilized son of a *itch,” he said. Chae-yeon asked back in surprise, “Sterilized, what did you say?” but Park continued, regardless, saying ” sterilized son of a *itch.”

“There was no violence among the members of the show,” “Boni Hani” production team said on its official SNS account, “There is no possibility of violence occurring at the scene where many people are working together.” Despite the explanation, viewers are still angry, especially when Chae-yeon is a young teenager who is only 14 years old. Criticizers point out that it’s not right for comedians in their mid- to late 30s to swear at the underage cast or to act threateningly.

Amid the growing controversy, Internet users are paying keen attention to how “Boni Hani” can overcome the crisis.

Sources: Nate

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