Chris Brown is planning to collaborate with Asian artists

Popular American singer and actor Chris Brown is pushing for a collaboration with Asian singers.

Chris Brown signed a contract with the content related to a block-chain-based content distribution platform. According to K-Star Music, a content deal operator, Chris Brown will confirm the singer who will perform the collaboration and plans to release a joint album by next year.

Content deals are operated in a form of distribution where consumers can resell certain contents with the right to distribute them at the same time as buyers. Apart from the existing distribution market of contents such as sound source and video, it is planning to create a new ecosystem with exclusive contents and distribute exclusive contents within it.

Due to that reason, it was necessary to secure a limited amount of event contents and Chris Brown agreed with the purpose and decided to produce a compilation album. Since his debut in 2005, Chris Brown has won awards such as the Best Male Video of the MTV Video Music Awards 2008 and 2012, and the Grammy Awards for the Best R&B Album of 2012. Especially, since Chris Brown won the BET Awards collaboration award in 2011, and has made outstanding achievements in collaboration with other singers, attention is focusing on what outcome this collaboration will bring.

Which members of Korea and China’s leading idol groups will work with Chris Brown is being the topic of discussion.

“Discussions are underway with many famous artists from overseas as well as Chris Brown. Many have signed contracts or are in the final stages of negotiations.” said a content deal, “January next year, a full-blown of various kind of contents will be shown in a serial order.”

Sources: Naver

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